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Cranbourne West VIC

White Card
Truck license
Drivers license
First Aid certificate
OHS Certificate
PPE ( Basic )
Traffic Management licence
TIG welding experience
MMA welding experience
Mig welding experience
Stainless welding experience
Sheet metal work
Scissor ticket
Aluminium Welding Experience
Boom Ticket
Steel Erecting

Fully Qualified


Vicious Stainless9 months ago

Exhaust and Supply air Geelong

Vicious Stainless9 months ago

Drouin Carvery King 5m Exhaust system

Vicious Stainless10 months ago

5m Exhaust Canopy

Vicious Stainless10 months ago

2680mm long stainless canopy range hood exhaust

Double V Bank canopy

Canopy Range-hood 304 grade 1.2mm

Custom styles snug fit

Canopy Range-hood 304 grade over the barbecue with a big 15” exhaust fan on top

Stanley Burgers Eastland

Cranbourne souvlaki kitchen

Double V Bank Canopy